How to Embed BI & Analytics into Your Apps in the Era of SaaS

With Guest Speaker, Howard Dresner, Chief Research Officer, Dresner Advisory Services


The BI and analytics market category has grown into a behemoth. Not only are we witnessing sub-categories of BI emerging and growing in size, we’re also beginning to see serious benefits from combining the capabilities, deployment methodologies, and implementation techniques across these subsets.

Join us to hear from industry veteran and BI expert, Howard Dresner — president, founder, and chief research officer of Dresner Advisory Services, LLC — to learn about the latest trends in embedded BI and cloud BI and how the two are interconnected. As a bonus, hear first-hand from, Independent Data Services,  a SaaS provider embedding BI from TIBCO Jaspersoft® into their cloud application.

Independent Data Services (IDS) is at the forefront of bringing innovative technology to the digital oil field. The company works to turn data into valuable knowledge that helps its clients work safely and efficiently through continuous process improvements. Its embedded BI provides a web-delivered operational solution that captures, analyses, and reports on operational data for 120 upstream oil and gas companies, 100,000 operations, and nearly 500 rigs across the globe.

In this session, you will:

  • Hear about the state of the BI market from one of the foremost thought leaders in BI
  • Learn the key considerations for embedding BI in SaaS applications
  • Hear first-hand from software builders who are embedding BI in their SaaS product

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