Make Your Reports Over the Counter

On Demand Webinar

1 Hour

Learn the over-the-counter data standards for effective data delivery.

When a user looks at data that you provide them in the form of a report, does it deliver information clearly and meaningfully? Join this webinar with guest speaker, Jenny Grant Rankin, Ph.D. who developed the research behind over-the-counter data. Thanks to her research, we now know that unless your reports and dashboards adhere to a set of guidelines, your users may not trust or understand the data they are presented with.

For critical, dependable, and consistent data delivery, IT-centric reporting-based platforms are still king, but are you developing your reports in the right ways?

In our webinar you’ll learn:

  • What are the Over The Counter Data Standards?
  • What are the research-based statistics for using these standards?
  • What can you do to your reports to adhere to the standards?
  • TIBCO Jaspersoft® specific reporting features to use

There’s no shortage of data, but there’s a shortage of insights. Join our webinar and learn how to help your users understand the data you present them.


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