Embedded Analytics : A new era of competitive advantage for software makers


Ninety-six percent (96%) of the world's top SaaS vendors now include reporting and analytics within their apps. Isn't it time you got on board?

An embedded BI platform delivers state-of-the-art reporting and analytics without the time and expense of having to build it. TIBCO Jaspersoft® embedded analytics software is the most flexible, customizable, and developer-friendly business intelligence platform in the world. It is designed specifically for software companies and already powers over 130,000 apps, delivering a raft of benefits for ISVs, SaaS providers, and developers:

  • Happier customers with embedded BI. Jaspersoft® embedded BI helps product builders create applications that users crave. Without having to leave your applications, users can more easily get the answers their looking for, increasing their satisfaction and making your product more competitive.
  • Free up development resources. Focus your developers on your core product and let Jaspersoft software handle analytics. By building the best reports and dashboards into your apps, customers can self-serve, saving you time and money.
  • New revenue stream – charge for enabling custom reports. Use embedded analytics to bring competitive advantage, faster time to market, and new revenue streams. Embedding analytics in an app can increase value per user by as much as 1,250%.

Join expert presenters Karnam Chowdry and Ganga Varatharajan for this informative one hour session and see with your own eyes how easy it is for ISVs, SaaS providers, and developers to leverage the benefits of TIBCO Jaspersoft embedded business intelligence (BI) software.

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