TIBCO Data Management Webinar

May 26, 11:00 CET - 12:00 CET


Seventy percent (70%) of a company's employees do not have access relevant data, less than 50% of structured data is used in decision-making, and poor data quality leads to turnover. 

How can you solve these challenges, fully exploit your analytical capabilities and transform your data into a strategic asset?

On May 26, join TIBCO, and its partners Atos, Apgar Consulting, CS Group, Micropole, and Umanis, for a data management webinar and the opportunity to hear these experts explore the steps that make data a real business asset


  • Roundtable:  Data integration and data virtualization; State of the art of data management: MDM, reference data, governance, data quality, metadata, and its perspectives.
  • The role of data management in an analytical project
  • Strategy and value proposition of TIBCO Unify, data management platform

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