What's New in Jaspersoft 8.2 Webinar

Greater Enterprise Reporting and Renewed Capabilities


Jaspersoft’s latest 8.2 product launch means Greater Enterprise Reporting and Renewed Capabilities for your business.

Join us Tuesday, July 11th 2023 8AM PST for our 'What's New in 8.2' Webinar. 

The Jaspersoft team have revamped and expanded upon nearly every instance in our Jaspersoft product offering, for a high-level review of What’s New in Jaspersoft 8.2. Click here, to access the full launch update and release notes. 

We will host a live Q&A to answer what’s most important for you to know! A recording of the live webinar will be sent out to registered participants to accommodate for alternate timezones.

If you have any questions to contribute ahead of the webinar please send them to js-product-team@tibco.com.

What’s New in JasperReports® Server 8.2

  • UI/UX Updates
  • Accessibility 
  • Login Lockout
  • Report Splitting
  • Removal of Simba Drivers


What’s new in JasperReports® Web Studio 2.0

  • Full support for Data Adapters
  • Full properties support for all JasperReports Library Elements, Highcharts, Fusion, Maps, Barcodes, and CVC
  • More advanced and functional Dataset and Query Editor with Query Preview, Tables Schema browsing, and Fields generator
  • Full Report Viewer with Parameter Prompts, Bookmarks, and Search
  • Enhanced Properties view and elements rendering


What’s New in Jaspersoft® Studio and JasperReports® Library 8.2

  • Google Maps - Marker Clustering
  • Accessible Excel Export
  • Performance Improvements 
  • Highcharts “back” button replaced with the built-in breadcrumbs feature in Highcharts 10.1.0
  • Updated the bundle JRE to Adoptium Temurin OpenJDK 11.0.18 (ex Adopt OpenJDK)
  • Moved to Java 11 as minimum required environment


New Platform and Database Updates

  • Added support for JDK 17 with Tomcat 9.x (Runtime Support) 
  • Added support for Windows 11 and Windows 2022 
  • Added support for Red Hat (RHEL) version 8.x
  • Upgraded to HighCharts 10
  • Replaced iText library with LibrePDF OpenPDF 1.3.30 in JasperReports Library
  • Library Upgrades for security reasons: 
    • Hibernate upgraded to version 5.6
    • Spring Security upgraded to version 5.7.2


Cloud and Docker Updates

  • Support for AWS ECS. Read more about it here.
  • JDK 17 Support in js-docker
  • Docker version updated 
  • Kubernetes version updated 
  • Bug fixes and readmes updated in js-docker


All Jaspersoft Webinars are published to the Jaspersoft YouTube Channel.

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