What's New in Jaspersoft 8.x and Beyond


Join us to learn about all the exciting new features in TIBCO JaspersoftⓇ 8.x software. This webinar will also showcase the much awaited and new introduction to TIBCO JasperReportsⓇ Web Studio software.

What’s New in Jaspersoft 8 Software?

JasperReports Web Studio

Want to access Jaspersoft Studio on the web? Now you can!

JasperReports Web Studio can be accessed as a standalone application or   connected to TIBCO JasperReports Server for the most powerful Jaspersoft experience.

JasperReports Server Updates

  • Modern and intuitive Properties Panel in Ad Hoc View and Dashboard Designer
  • Favorites: Mark important resources as favorites for quicker access
  • Detailed dashboard export: Dashboard option to export all pages from all Dashlets (report stitching)
  • Server monitoring: Do you wonder what happens to your scheduled reports? We now provide a pre-packaged set of Ad Hoc views with historical data about completed scheduled report executions.
  • Admin console beta: New beta UI to view schedules and diagnostic data
  • Scalable query engine: New microservice application allows the system to offload Ad Hoc query execution from JasperReports Server to a separate service for better scalability.
  • Externalized audit database: Option to move your system’s audit and access events to an external database to optimize performance.

JasperReports Library & Studio Updates

  • New visualizations including maps, drill down etc.
  • Accessibility: WCAG compliant HTML and PDF exports
  • Report bursting: Automate the execution and distribution of parameterized reports to different users or recipients based on runtime data 
  • Bullet point indentation: New formatting option while designing reports in Jaspersoft Studio 

Connectors and Platforms

  • New connectors for Snowflake and Athena
  • Updated connectors and platforms
  • Added support for four platforms: Mac OSX (Monterey), PostgreSQL 13 and 14, Elasticsearch 8.2.0, OpenShift

JasperReport IO updates

  • Ad Hoc reports execution in JasperReports IO
  • Support for user hierarchical attributes
  • Support for report units with custom code packaged into jars

Security Updates

  • Fix for vulnerabilities caused by Log4j, Spring Framework, and more. 

See our “What’s New” page for the full list.

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