The Four Application Integration Levels Explained: An Embedded BI Guide

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1 Hour

In part one of the Embedded BI webinar series, we showed you what the 5 Levels of Embedded BI are, and what benefits they bring to users of your applications. In part two of the series, join us to learn about the technical considerations for making these experiences a reality. 

Modern applications can use a variety of methods for embedding analytics, and each method has benefits and considerations. This webinar will go into depth about these methods and technologies to help you choose which is best for your users and your application’s architecture.

Topics Covered: 

  • RESTful API for management and scheduling of objects
  • iFrame or HTTP API for embedding entire BI applications
  • Javascript API (visualize.js) for a seamless integration
  • Live demonstrations for each integration level
  • Q&A

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