British Telecom (Unisys)

Operating in more than 170 countries, BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions and services. Our principal activities include networked IT services, local, national and international telecommunications services, and higher value broadband and internet products and services.


BT’s voicemail service – known in Britain by the number dialed to access it, 1571 – is operated as a managed service by worldwide IT provider Unisys, and serves more than eight million voicemail boxes in the UK. While Unisys manages and maintains all of the technology functions, other business processes – product planning, customer support, capacity planning and more – are handled by BT’s own business units.


Unisys and BT chose Jaspersoft for use with its Statistics Data Warehouse, for a range of reasons. First, its small footprint and simple, modular design promised fewer maintenance and support challenges – which would translate into lower ongoing costs. Jaspersoft also offered a licensing cost advantage. Jaspersoft also promised less adverse impact on BT’s network security measures, and a more natural fit for its Linux-based servers.


Accurate reporting tools and ad hoc query against voicemail system data in minutes instead of days.Improved efficiency and data accuracy; enhanced customer service; lower costs.

Customer Quotes

Now we can see how much capacity we need, where we’re overloaded, and what we can do to prevent problems. It would have taken us much more e ort before we had the SDW and Jaspersoft.
— Andrew Hutchinson, Messaging Technical Specialist, BT

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Doubled the number of users who leverage Voicemail system data
BT staff can simply open a portal and see when a message was deleted, or, if necessary, develop a new ad hoc query and submit it immediately – with answers in minutes instead of days.