Yarris is a unique software solution which transforms that series of activities involved with the daily administration of engaging, managing and paying suppliers and contractors. Experts in the techniques required to optimise services delivery it has much accumulated data and benchmark information. It licences customers to use the IT platform and it transfers knowledge to them. The point of difference is that Yarris actually enables management of the contractors. The platform optimises performance of contractors against their contractual obligations - mainly time, cost and quality, all in real time. The solution is so comprehensive that it can measure and manage even when the contractual obligations are varied.


The large quantities of operational data captured by the solution must be available for reporting and analysis by Yarris clients.


To keep costs low and stay focused on its core expertise, the Yarris team chose the open source JasperReports embedded BI library, using it to generate the wide range of reports its clients required.


Client data and busy Yarris development resources are now both set free, boosting client satisfaction and solution value.

Customer Quotes

We’ve had bank COOs personally using our reporting tools. That’s the kind of access and power our clients expect—and JasperServer lets us deliver.
— Jeremy Forrester, Chief Information Officer, Yarris

Similar Customers

Now, Yarris clients have ultimate control over what their reports contain, when they run, and who has access to them—all with no need for the Yarris support team to be involved.