Fidessa is a global business with scale, resilience, ambition and expertise. It has delivered around 30% compound growth since its stock market listing in 1997 and it is recognized as the thought leader in its space. It sets the benchmark with its unrivaled set of mission-critical products and services and, uniquely, serves both the buy-side and sell-side communities.


To maintain and enhance this position, Fidessa is always looking for new means of assisting clients in improving their performance. An advanced embedded BI system could help achieve this.


Fidessa Post-trade Intelligence brings independent analysis of execution quality, especially for those firms that have outsourced the execution function to third party brokers. These reports allow them to demonstrate to themselves, their clients and the regulators, the effectiveness of their overall execution services. In addition, Fidessa Post-trade Intelligence helps sell-side firms understand the contribution individual clients and/or trading desks make to overall profitability.


The Fidessa Intelligence suite now includes reporting tools to: interpret trading performance and adjust execution parameters in real time; produce reports that analyse, interpret and benchmark post-trade performance; and provide a broker-neutral measure of execution quality as well as a ranking of executions trade by trade.

Customer Quotes

Clients now have a much friendlier reporting environment benefitting from standard reports. A client that has desks in both London and Paris needs reports that look alike in both locations so that they can see areas of strength and weakness and then tweak their business. Jaspersoft allows data to be analysed across multiple attributes and reports can be examined over the web.
— Ana Herrero-Wallace, Head of Transaction Cost Analysis,Fidessa

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