For just about any nonprofit, survival depends on a solid base of dedicated supporters. Organizations must focus on finding and building relationships with key contacts. Nonprofits use Convio Luminate to help cultivate relationships with donors, advocates and other constituents. The cloud-based solution combines an online fundraising suite with the CRM capabilities of, helping target the right supporters.


Convio’s nonprofit clients needed to drill deeper into their data to find and build relationships with key constituents.


The cloud-based solution provides multi-tenant business intelligence for Convio’s Luminate software-as-a service solution.


• Faster time to market: Convio integrated Jaspersoft's embedded BI into Luminate in less time than possible with other solutions, and more quickly than developing BI on its own.
• Rapid reporting software: Convio clients have answers in minutes, not days.
• Cost efficiency: One solution fits all Convio clients and is compatible with existing technologies.

Customer Quotes

Our clients were very happy and said it was everything they could have imagined. It gives them a lot of access to their data, Hart said. Clients can better understand their relationships with constituents and use that to engage across multiple channels. Ultimately that will make them – and us – more successful.
— David Hart, Chief Technology Officer, Convio

Similar Customers

With Jaspersoft, Convio was able to bring clients more sophisticated BI than it could have developed in house or with other solutions, and integrate it rapidly for the Luminate release.
Technical Snapshot
  • Luminate running in a distributed, multi-cloud environment
  • CRM on
  • Jaspersoft BI on Amazon EC2
  • Vertica Analytics Platform
  • Cloud-based implementation and management from Full 360