Monolith Software Solutions

Monolith Software Services, headquartered in Charleston, S.C., provides software and services to the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) industry. The company brings powerful and highly cost-effective solutions to restaurant owners and operators by combining state of-the-industry, open-source technologies with a product philosophy that lets customers leverage existing investments in hardware and other technology infrastructure.

Monolith, founded in 2000, is unique in the depth of its QSR expertise; virtually every executive in the company has significant, relevant restaurant operations experience. The company offers solutions for POS, payroll and business intelligence (BI) and operational reporting solutions for companies that operate multiple QSR restaurants. Monolith's suite of proven tools enables companies – typically those operating multiple restaurants, frequently under multiple brands, and operating in an industry known for razor-thin margins – to more effectively track and manage restaurant performance, typically at a cost significantly below that of its competitors.


To compete with BI industry giants – many of whom definitely pursue the QSR market – Monolith would need a more powerful, flexible embedded BI solution, with Web 2.0-like user interfaces and a wide range of reporting, ad hoc query and analytics capabilities. This kind of solution, combined with the company’s unparalleled QSR knowledge, would enable Monolith to win more business from nationwide chains.


The solution has proved a good fit with Monolith’s go-to-market strategy. Staying open source throughout the stack has let the company keep their cost model where they want. Their potential buyers are small business owners who have to make careful choices about where to invest. Monolith can go fast and price aggressively which gives them a competitive advantage.


State-of-the-industry ETL, reporting, dashboarding and analytics are helping Monolith transition from regional provider to nationwide competitor.

Customer Quotes

New prospects see the dashboards, the drag-and-drop ad hoc query, and aesthetics, and say: ‘Wow. We didn’t know you guys could do this.’ And it’s getting us new business – lots of it.
— Bruce S. Belvin, President, Monolith

Similar Customers

Now, the Monolith team is creating the same capability – in a fraction of the time, and at a much lower price point, thanks to the lower costs of subscription-based, open source technology.