Air-Transport IT Services, Inc

Air-Transport IT Services, Inc. (AirIT) is a single source provider and integrator of diversified information technology products and services to the air transportation and seaport industry, offering a full complement of operations, passenger processing and business management systems. From the ramp to revenue management, AirIT has more than 20 years experience providing our customers with a comprehensive portfolio of integrated technology solutions and services including system integration, software, hardware, network, installation, and 24x7 service, support and help desk.


The volume of data, quality of data and number of sources can make it a challenge to put a finger on the numbers airports and airlines need. The reporting software solution would have to be flexible and full-featured.


Jaspersoft's embedded BI technology now powers AirIT’s PROPworks® Business Intelligence software, giving customers a much easier way to get business intelligence on their data.


•With self-service reporting, customers reduce costs by not having to engage outside resources.
•AirIT’s Business Systems group or customers create reports in minutes or hours – instead of days or weeks as before.
•AirIT uses less expensive resources to meet customers’ needs. With an intern-level person rather than a full-time developer, AirIT saves tens of thousands of dollars.
•The switch to an open source, Java-based application allows customers to move from licensed and proprietary products, reducing costs by about $20,000 to $30,000 for each.

Customer Quotes

We have a lot of positive feedback from our customers. We are really empowering end users with business intelligence at their fingertips.
— Daniel F. Negrón, Product Delivery Manager, Business Systems

Similar Customers

$20,000 cost reduction for customers
With self-service reporting, customers reduce costs by not having to engage outside resources.
Technical Snapshot
  • JasperReports Server
  • Typically Windows Server operating system
  • Embedded Tomcat or JBoss 5 application server
  • Out-of-the-box security with JasperReports Server, with one client using Active Directory
  • Java API using SOAP (Migrating to REST)
  • Airports can use JasperReports Server in a multi-tenant fashion, as needed