Part 2: Producing reports & data visualizations

[101 Tutorials] JasperReports IO Workshop Series

Jeudi, 14 Février 2019

Reports and data visualizations put critical information into the hands of the business. But while the experience of designing reports and visualizations has improved, the method of providing them to users has not. Until now.

Microservices and container technologies managed by DevOps processes is the new norm for many of today’s software builders. So how does reporting and data visualization fit into this new world?

Join our three-part interactive workshop to learn the ins and outs of TIBCO JasperReports IO, an engine designed to churn out reports and visualizations with the efficiency and flexibility of today’s latest cloud technologies.

Workshop 1: Intro to JasperReports IO and how to build your first report

Workshop 2: Producing reports & data visualizations

In this workshop, we’ll:

  • Introduce you to the JasperReportsIO REST API,
  • How to interface with it
  • What you can do with it

Workshop 3: Embedding reports & data visualizations into applications

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