Introducing Jaspersoft 6.3

What's New in Jaspersoft

Jaspersoft 6.3 extends our embeddable, web reporting platform with a refined dashboard experience that gives users a simple path to the data they want. Newly included features make our web reporting technology more invisible than ever, freeing users to navigate and act intuitively while holding concentration on what matters. Power users are even more capable and novice users begin to look like dashboard pros.

Features Include

  • Enhanced navigation and data access functionality reducing the level of effort and expertise required for users to extract value from dashboards
  • Powerful advancements to JasperMobile—our native mobile app on Android and iOS—designed to facilitate user collaboration on mobile devices
  • Support for new cloud datasources that scale to any data size

Guided Dashboard Experiences

Make every user good at dashboards

Jaspersoft 6.3 makes dashboards more “clickable” than ever with new interactivity that encourages users to sift into and across data with ease—all possible within the context of an embedded experience. Distributing views and key findings from dashboards is a piece of cake, and users can even schedule entire dashboards to be delivered on command.

The result: End users spend more time learning from the data in dashboards and less time learning how to use the dashboard itself.


Untethered Mobile Access

Share and Access Insights on Any Device

With Jaspersoft 6.3 comes the most powerful and functional JasperMobile to date. Brand new collaboration features give users an impressive ability to interact with BI on their mobile device in a meaningful way. Simple scheduling and sharing capabilities makes it a breeze for users to distribute reports and exchange feedback.

The result: End users become increasingly involved with BI: insights are more accessible and consumable and users can make valuable contributions while on the go


New Platforms Support and Improved Performance

Scale with Popular Cloud Datastores and Don’t Sacrifice on Performance
  • New connector
  • New Azure SQL Database Connector
  • Improved Amazon Redshift Connector
  • Improved MongoDB Connector
  • Improved Spark Connector
  • Improved Impala Connector

In addition to these new data sources, speedier performance for processing high-cardinality dimensions gives users the ability to crunch through more data than ever, directly in the web browser. All the while, databases combined with our powerful data engine do the heavy lifting in the background.

See the main features of Jaspersoft 6.3: