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JasperReports IO
What is it?
Full BI server including web reporting, dashboard, and analytic tools. Includes pixel-perfect designer.
BI microservice for producing reports and visualizations. Includes pixel-perfect designer.
What is it typically used for?
Embedding into applications that need reporting, self-service, and interactive data.
Embedding into microservices-based environments that need interactive reports & visualizations.
JasperReports Server + Jaspersoft Studio
JasperReports IO + Jaspersoft Studio
 Key Capabilities
Pixel-perfect report & visualization designer
Native integration into any app
Centralized repository to store reports, dashboards, user profiles, and more
Allow users access to directly access reports through a web portal
JavaScript API for seamless integration into web apps
Multi-tenancy for managing access to content & data across SaaS customers
Ad Hoc designer with intuitive drag & drop controls for non-technical users
No limit on scaling or concurrent report executions
Only two concurrent executions (speak to TIBCO sales reps for additional options)
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