Jaspersoft 7: Make Your Application Stand Out with BI that Blends In - NAM Region

1 Hour

Applications that do not give users an easy way to solve problems and answer questions are frustrating to use and can lead to product abandonment. But providing easy access to that kind of information is difficult and time consuming.

TIBCO Jaspersoft® 7 introduces a highly streamlined workflow for quickly designing beautiful visualizations and embedding them seamlessly into your application. Quickly give users the answers they want in the exact place and way they need them.

Join us to learn the details of Jaspersoft 7 directly from the Head of Product Management for TIBCO Jaspersoft, Tom Tortolani.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Get an overview of embedded reporting & analytics with Jaspersoft
  • See the contents of Jaspersoft 7 including live demos of new features
  • Have the chance to participate in live Q&A with Tom Tortolani — Head of Product Management for Jaspersoft
  • Learn how to try Jaspersoft 7 free for 60 days


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