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BizFlow is a leading global provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Tasking and Compliance software, which integrates and automates both formal processes and ad-hoc tasks to enhance visibility, control and productivity across all work that happens within an organization. Using the company's flagship BizFlow ® BPM solution, process participants - executives, business analysts, knowledge workers - can model, execute and optimize process-driven applications, leading to decisive returns in business productivity, agility and compliance.





Each of these requests, generally arriving in some form of correspondence, had to be understood, logged, tracked, and fulfilled—but the processes for routing, information-gathering, and responding to them were somewhat disjointed. Approximately 35 disparate systems and tools—some as basic as an Excel workbook, others as sophisticated as a custom-built Web applications—were used to track and manage these requests across 18 NRC offices and 4,000 employees. With the increased, post-9/11 level of activity, the NRC knew it must streamline its approach to correspondence and action tracking.


BizFlow BPM, with integrated reporting software powered by Jaspersoft's embedded BI.


Parameter-driven and ad hoc reporting , together with powerful BPM capabilities, enabled Bizflow customer Nuclear Regulatory Commission to win Gartner award for BPM excellence—and save over $1.2 million annually.

Customer Quotes

Jaspersoft and Bizflow (formerly HandySoft) provide us with a fully integrated COTS suite, meeting our unique requirements: addressing a massive volume of time-sensitive correspondence and action items requiring a wide range of responses. The software is simple, scalable and includes all of the major enterprise features needed to track correspondence and action items, while providing greater visibility for managers throughout the agency.
— James Schaefer, Deputy Director, Office of Information Services, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Bizflow

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$1.5 Million Annual Cost Savings
4,000 knowledge workers now have self-service access to real-time reporting on correspondence, tasks, processes, and other information critical to fulfill the agency’s mission.