FICO Entiera

More than ever, marketers depend on data to understand their audience and reach them with relevant messages. That’s why marketing teams at market-leading corporations turn to Entiera’s Insight platform to consolidate, analyze and create actionable customer data. As a software as a service (SaaS) platform, Insight gives them one place to optimize their marketing interactions with customers.


Entiera needed to bring fast and simple ad hoc and scheduled reporting to its Insight marketing platform.


With Jaspersoft integrated in Insight, Entiera clients access the platform with an Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox web browser. Within Insight, clients house their customer contact data, marketing data, transaction data and campaign information.


• Rapid reporting: Entiera clients run reports in seconds instead of minutes or hours.
• Low cost of ownership: Clients do not need to engage IT resources for reports.
• Fast time to market: Entiera clients can make decisions and move on campaigns immediately, instead of waiting a day or longer for supportfrom IT resources.
Self-service BI: Customers are self-serve on the platform, with minimal training.

Customer Quotes

When reports are taking seconds instead of minutes or hours, clients can quickly iterate a “what-if” analysis that helps generate actionable insights about their customers, Wilkins said. That’s the performance advantage with Jaspersoft.
— Jeff Wilkins, Chairman of Entiera

Similar Customers

In addition to running smoothly with Vertica, Jaspersoft offered fast, flexible reporting and analytics, and ease of use for non-technical users.
Technical Snapshot
  • Linux, Java environment
  • Customer data integration in .NET
  • 8 TB+ HP Vertica Analytic Database
  • Dell hardware