eTix is an international, web-based ticketing service provider for the entertainment, travel and sports industries, processing more than 50 million tickets per year in 40 countries. As the largest independent ticketing company in North America, Etix provides flexible and secure online and box office ticketing solutions, integrated digital marketing services, and robust e-commerce fulfillment to more than 4,100 venues, theaters, arenas, festivals, fairs, performing arts centers and multi-use facilities.


Being a transaction based business, eTix needed the ability to do analytics processing. eTix had 13 years of valuable transactional data that was not being utilized to make key business decisions.


eTix was able to use Attunity to easily transfer data from Oracle data center into Amazon Redshift. Once in Redshift, eTix was able to use Jaspersoft through the AWS marketplace to access this data right away


Within 10 minutes, eTix was able to use Jaspersoft to access the 13+ years worth of data. This whole process of using Amazon Redshift, Attunity, and Jaspersoft gave eTix a datawarehouse solution that was one tenth (1/10th) the cost of other solutions. eTix is now able to compete with some of the biggest companies in the world that are spending millions of dollars on data technology solutions

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Using Amazon Redshift, Attunity, and Jaspersoft gave eTix a powerful datawarehouse solution at a fraction of the cost