A nonprofit organization can only grow if they grow their funding base. That’s why company’s such as SofTrek Corporation (SofTrek) delivers industry-leading software, services, and solutions that help all types of nonprofits build relationships with their donors and manage their fundraising activities. SofTrek serves non-profit organizations that typically have contribution revenue of over $5 million with their flagship product, ClearView CRM.


Prior to using Jaspersoft, SofTrek faced competitive pressures to improve the analytics in their ClearView CRM solution. SofTrek offered Oracle Reports or Business Objects as the reporting options. Oracle Reports had limited formatting that required complex programming to customize reports. Business Objects also lacked the flexibility and ease-of-use that SofTrek wanted for its customers. “Business Objects was a separate application from ClearView which required a different sign-in and had a completely different user interface. This solution not only had a high cost of ownership but had a low adoption rate with SofTrek’s customer base,” states Robert Girardi, Vice President at SofTrek. As a result, enhanced analytics was at the most frequent request from SofTrek’s customers.

Seamless BI Solution

SofTrek chose to partner with Jaspersoft to provide embedded BI for its ClearView CRM offering. According to the Girardi, “We looked at other BI vendors but only Jaspersoft could offer us an open source solution and embedded business intelligence. As an ISV, Jaspersoft also offered a pricing model that could support both on-site and cloud-based deployments.” Most SofTrek clients utilize a cloud-based solution but several still choose to have the ClearView CRM application on-site. In addition, SofTrek developers prefer to use open source libraries because they find more innovative development with open source applications.

Competitive Results

SofTrek has made the SofTrek more marketable and innovative by embedding Jaspersoft in to ClearView CRM . The company is also able to provide better workflow and improve usability in our application through functionality such as hyper linking and drill-downs. This means an overall improvement in the user experience, improved workflow and faster results for ClearView CRM customers. By embedding Jaspersoft in the application, SofTrek has enhanced the overall visual appeal of ClearView CRM and has made the application more attractive in the market place. And demoing Jaspersoft is an important part of SofTrek’s sales process.

Customer Quotes

“A key requirement was to be able to quickly and seamlessly embed the business intelligence into our application. We knew Jaspersoft offered us the ability to seamlessly embed analytics into the ClearView CRM application.”
— Robert Girardi, Vice President at SofTrek

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35-40% Cost Benefit
Jaspersoft has allowed us to be more productive and cut development cycles in half.
Technical Snapshot
  • Jaspersoft for AWS
  • Jaspersoft Server and Jaspersoft Studio
  • Oracle database
  • HP and Dell servers
  • Apache-Tomcat