Operational Excellence Deployed in Docker Containers

Build and package better analytics into your apps with Jaspersoft for Docker.

Containerization and Service Architectures are Changing How Software is Developed and Delivered

Traditional applications are monolithic, hard to change, and run on expensive servers. This makes them difficult to maintain and scale.

As opposed to the inflexibility of large servers, containers allow services to run and scale independently of each other. The result is operational excellence and unparalleled levels of flexibility.


What is Jaspersoft for Docker?

Jaspersoft for Docker packages and distributes a Dockerfile designed to build a Docker image and a Docker Compose script to architect multi-container Docker applications.

It is a fully functional open-source implementation. The scripts for building the Docker containers are open for modification so that architects can fit Jaspersoft into their unique software stack in the way that fits best versus what is prescribed by a vendor.

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DevOps with Jaspersoft for Docker

Jaspersoft for Docker let you create a TIBCO JasperReports® Server Docker image that can be configured to integrate into a multi-container environment at runtime.

Easily Manage Real World Containerized Architectures

Configuration changes and patches applied on Jaspersoft for Docker can be tracked and managed via the Dockerfile in a Git repository, just like for any other source code. Having our Jaspersoft setup bundled into a Docker image enables us to have exactly the same setup running in staging as in production.
— Dr. Robert Heise, Senior Data Engineer, crealytics GmbH
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Case Study: Ultimate Scalability with Jaspersoft for Docker

"Running a complex SaaS platform to optimize search campaigns that generate $3 billion in client revenue annually?"

That’s easy for Camato, a powerful and automated Google Shopping platform and retail intelligence tool from crealytics GmbH.

Deployment detail:

  • 50+ services and microservices in the stack, including Jaspersoft.
  • Services run as Docker containers in Apache Mesos.
  • Each service is assigned optimal resources (CPU, RAM).
  • Dockerized Jaspersoft enables moving instances between cluster nodes, for example, in case of maintenance.
  • Operational excellence with near zero downtime when moving Jaspersoft containers or deploying a new version.

Learn more about crealytics and their Camato platform
Operational excellence

Developers and Jaspersoft for Docker

Developed a report or dashboard only to see it fail when deployed?

With Jaspersoft as part of a container based application, developers can spin up an entire stack on their local machines with the exact production environment that it will run on later, which increases agility and reduces errors.

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