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BI available anywhere, for your app or business.

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With our mobile analytics solution, enjoy instant access to dashboards and reports using our native iOS and Android phone app. Or, build reports, dashboards or analyze data through the touch enabled browser interface, powered by the web-based JasperReports Server application.

Native and Browser Mobile BI Platform

Jaspersoft’s mobile BI solution offers a flexible mobile platform with both browser and native mobile architectures allowing applications and organizations to choose whichever platform works best for their needs. Use our native mobile application for viewing and interacting with reports and dashboards, whether online or offline. Use our browser interface for designing reports, dashboards or performing analysis.

Mobile Reports & Dashboards for your App or Business

Extend Data-Driven Decision Making Securely

Mobile business intelligence introduces tremendous opportunities to extend data-driven decision-making to more users, but it also introduces complexity and security concerns for IT organizations. With Jaspersoft Mobile, IT groups can rest easier knowing that Jaspersoft security is managed via server-side authentication to ensure sensitive data is not available locally on the mobile and tablet devices.

Extend Data-Driven Decision Making Securely

Embed Mobile Analytics in Your App

Mobile BI shouldn't force application developers to change their application delivery strategy. Our Mobile SDK lets developers quickly customize the look, feel, even functions of the native application with well documented iOS & Android APIs. The full featured REST and JavaScript APIs simplify app integration while matching the modern development environments that developers require.

Embed Mobile Analytics in Your App

Anytime Anywhere Decision-Making

Improving decisions through data that is always-on, instant, and easy-to-access is becoming strategically important. With our mobile analytics solution, enjoy instant access to dashboards and reports through an intuitive touch enabled browser, monitor and inspect business performance just as you would on your iPad or desktop, and build new reports or dashboards on-the-fly with a full-featured ad hoc design environment.

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