Jaspersoft Reporting Edition

Jaspersoft Reporting Edition is built for those who want to build, schedule, secure, and distribute interactive, production-ready reports. Reports can be personalized online and saved for re-use. The Reporting Edition comes with the assurance of professional quality technical support and commercial licensing protection.

Capabilities supported in Jaspersoft Reporting Edition:

Highly Formatted Reports Build multi-component reports with animated charts & graphs for print or online viewing
Report Outputs Automatically render reports into eight different output formats from HTML, PDF, to Excel
Embeddable Server Tightly embed or integrate scheduled and interactive reports within another application using REST, SOAP, and HTTP-based web services
Easy to Build Report Interactivity Easily create interactive reports with animated charts, graphs, maps, drill down, and parameters
Interactive Report Viewing Browser-based viewer lets business users perform and save filtering, sorting, and column formatting changes to the report repository
Report Management Powerful built-in report compilation, storage, scheduling, and distribution from a centralized repository
Report Security Built-in report and data level security controlled by user or role with easy to integrate single-sign configuration
Mobile Report Access View and interact with reports using the native repository viewer mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones
Mobile SDK Embed interactive reports into native mobile applications using the iOS and Android Mobile SDK
Certified Data Connectivity Report from any data source including relational, custom files, or Big Data environments


Capabilities not supported in Jaspersoft Reporting Edition:

Dashboards Multi-component dashboards built using an intuitive drag-and-drop web-based designer
Business User Report Designer Easy to use web-based report designer with drag-and-drop simplicity for building, formatting, and distribution of reports by non-technical users
Metadata Layer Data abstraction layer for simplifying data field descriptions so non-technical users can easily understand and build their own reports
Ad Hoc Analysis In-Memory and OLAP based Ad Hoc Analysis for pivoting, sorting, filtering, and charting relational and non-relational data
Multi-Tenancy Built-in multi-tenancy for SaaS based application deployments
Audit Logging Active recording of report, dashboard, and analytic view usage for the purposes of audit tracking or performance analysis
Data Integration Complete Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) environment for building a central data warehouse or for application data integration


Products that come with Jaspersoft Reporting Edition:

  • Jaspersoft Studio
  • JasperReports Library
  • JasperReports Server Express edition

Additional features that do not come with the Community Edition products:

  • Animated charts, maps, and widgets
  • Ability to save a report view customization such as filters, sort order, and column formatting
  • Certified platforms and Big Data connectors