OLAP Jumpstart

Application developers working with Jaspersoft OLAP for advanced data analysis will prototype data cubes and views from their own data. Your team will gain practical knowledge of advanced OLAP topics as well as hands-on experience and understanding of the Jaspersoft OLAP engine and user interface.

We’ll Review

  • Your analysis requirements
  • Your data sources

You’ll Learn

  • Jaspersoft OLAP overview
  • Cube creation
  • View creation
  • How to use Jaspersoft OLAP

Get Your Hands Dirty

  • Installing and configuring JasperReports Server
  • Connecting to a JDBC/SQL data source
  • Assisting with development of a prototype data cube
  • Assisting with development of prototype OLAP views

Deliverables Include

  • A prototype data cube and OLAP views
  • A project wrap-up document

When and Where?

  • Duration is four days scheduled at your convenience
  • Your choice! Your place or online.

To enroll or learn more, contact sales. You must have a valid support contract.