Training: Learn embedding best practices in the Embedding Jaspersoft BI course. 


Sections include:

  1. Configure the Eclipse IDE to launch Tomcat, allowing for effective debugging of the JasperReports Server source code
  2. Create and modify themes to rebrand JasperReports Server
  3. Modify the JasperReports Server User Interface
  4. Set up a sample custom data source and deploy a report that utilizes it
  5. Modify and redeploy a custom data source
  6. Set code breakpoints and Jaspersoft logging tips for effective custom data source debugging
  7. Configure JasperReports Server to authenticate users with LDAP
  8. Create and deploy a single sign-on (SSO) filter, which allows specific requests to bypass the login screen and access the application directly
  9. Build a web application that accesses the JasperReports Server using the SOAP and REST web services
  10. Embed JasperReports Server in PHP web applications using the sample PHP client
  11. Build a simple Java application that accesses the JasperReports Server with the REST web service APIs
  12. Develop and deploy custom input controls in reports

Documentation: See the resources below for further reading on embedding.


Professional Services: Application developers who are integrating or embedding Jaspersoft into their product will find that the Integration Jumpstart Program dramatically reduces their development cycle and cuts their implementation costs.