Using Jaspersoft BI

This comprehensive course enables business users to use JasperReports Server dashboards to view and interact with their business data; and create and design ad hoc reports.

29 Jan 2015
JasperReports Server
Business Users

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1. JasperReports Server Overview Overview See It Try It Print It Quiz
JasperReports Server Getting Started Tutorials  
JasperReports Server Business Benefits    
Getting Started with JasperReports Server          
Using the Repository          
Searching the Repository          
2. Working with Dashboards
Viewing and Modifying Dashboards          
Creating Dashboards  
3. Running Reports
Personalizing Reports through Interactivity          
Exporting Reports          
Using Input Controls          
Scheduling Reports          
4. Ad Hoc Views and Reports
Ad Hoc Views and Reports    
Creating Ad Hoc Views and Reports from Topics          
Formatting Table Views          
Sorting Table Views          
Filtering Table Views          
Creating Calculated Fields & Measures          
Working with Charts          
Working with Crosstabs          
Creating Views from Domains          
Best Practices: Creating Reports for Dashboards  
5. Resources
Next Steps