Jaspersoft’s Open Source Community Drives BI Innovation, Represents the World’s Largest BI Ecosystem

Jaspersoft passes 10 million downloads, contributes to 350 open source BI projects and attracts nearly 120,000 registered members globally

SAN FRANCISCO, February 23, 2010 - Jaspersoft, creator of the world’s most widely used business intelligence software, today reported significant momentum behind its open source software community, demonstrating strong growth and accelerated adoption of Jaspersoft products.

Jaspersoft’s open source community recently surpassed 10 million software downloads, contributions to 350 open source projects and nearly 120,000 registered community members. Jaspersoft’s community includes members in more than 150 countries around the world, with top ten membership coming from Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Thailand and the United States. Comparatively, in the last year, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and France ranked among the top five countries with the highest commercial adoption of Jaspersoft products.

In total, Jaspersoft and its members have contributed nearly a quarter of a million lines of code to each of its core projects in JasperReports, iReport, JasperServer and JasperAnalysis. The world’s most popular BI reporting tool in JasperReports and iReport, along with the server-based projects in JasperServer/JasperAnalysis are freely downloadable open source projects, licensed under the terms of the LGPL or GPL. Ohloh.net estimates Jaspersoft and its members have contributed nearly nine million dollars in full-time equivalent engineering investment to these projects.

“Jaspersoft’s development community is incredibly global, committed to innovation and growing at a remarkable rate in every corner of the world,” said Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft. “Our community has made innovative BI solutions affordable and available to a broad range of organizations and companies that never would have considered BI before, from a variety of basic reporting to sophisticated analysis and data warehousing applications. We’re thrilled to collaborate with this community to provide the tools for them to do so.”

Innovative BI

After six years of rapid expansion, the Jaspersoft community has been behind some of the most innovative deployments of any business intelligence platform available, open source or proprietary. Customers who deployed the community editions of JasperReports and JasperServer have been able to address sophisticated business challenges that require integrating BI across several business functions, including BPM, ERP, CRM and more. Following are some of the more interesting recent community customer examples.

  • “Mark Systems is using JasperReports and iReport to completely re-design and re-write over 300 different standard reports in our enterprise software package.  By converting to JasperReports, we are providing more than 250 customers and 3,100 end users with rich, scalable reporting that can be easily adapted and modified by the user community.”- Donald Scattergood, Vice President, Mark Systems, United States
  • “We have developed a report generator library that we use in our major SaaS products, which uses JasperReports reporting services. The library supports predefined, template-based and custom reports designed through a web UI. These are all in web applications such as ERP, CRM and a funds transfer system.” –  Alvaro Sejas, Software Developer, Jatun S.R.L., Bolivia
  • “We use JasperReports, iReport, JasperServer and TYPO3 to enable our clients to design, manage, generate and print (automatically or on-demand) pixel-perfect design reports (leaflets) with data from various remote data sources. Prior to Jaspersoft, our client used a homegrown application, which output html to the browser and was then manually printed directly from the browser. The lack of decent layout capabilities, no automation, little to no customization per branch office and the ongoing maintenance efforts led us to upgrade to the iReport/JasperServer infrastructure. The solution is currently used by 20 branch offices and ships approximately 10,000 leaflets a day to our client’s customers.” – Georg Kuehnberger, CTO, plan2net, Austria
  • “We use JasperReports and iReports for designing and generating reports needed for several schools. These can be as simple as class attendance reports to things more complex such as transcripts and report cards. It is not just the report generation that Jaspersoft’s BI Suite is great at – we have found it very useful in implementing the user interface for sending report input parameters. We have been able to successfully use the same views, input controls and controllers among others features for all the reports. This has made our reports module incredibly flexible and reduced time for deploying new reports.

    In fact, we were even able to deploy new reports while our servers were up and running. At my previous company, we had used JasperServer Professional for generating several dynamic drag and drop reports, scheduling reports and supporting our SaaS environment. We used it for generating reports for our CRM clients on several modules like Pipeline, Sales, Accounts and more. True to its claim, Jaspersoft’s BI Suite is the world's most widely used BI software.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the JasperForge forum admins and every member of your company for their quick responses.” – Rama Mukkamalla, Software Engineer, Spiral Universe, United States

  • “We are using JasperServer to integrate reporting and a BI solution in our ERP software. The ERP is an older COBOL package that we are renovating. The integration with JasperServer is really simple and gives us great opportunities with our customers.” – Gianluca Simonini, Senior Software Architect, Sinfo One, Italy
  • “While working with a major ferry corporation, we implemented a new incident tracking system. The system has been in use for nearly a year now, allowing the corporation to record every issue it encounters while transporting millions of people and vehicles a year. The reports are a key component to the system as they allow the corporation to see problem areas – with specific vessels or terminals – and take action to remedy the underlying causes. This should help improve injury prevention, increase passenger comfort and provide financial gains. iReport is a high-quality piece of software – logical and consistent – and it has been an absolute pleasure using it to create scores of reports and variations on those reports to help the business analyze and discover problem areas.”– Dave Jarvis, Senior Software Developer, White Magic Software Ltd., Canada
  • “We have used JasperReports and iReport in several projects in the past, all implemented in Java. Currently we are using the latest version of JasperReports and iReport for an end user product that will be licensed as open source. This project relies on the ZK framework as a UI. We use a Jaspersoft component provided by this framework to deploy reports." – Diego Pino Garcia, Software Engineer, Igalia, Spain

About Jaspersoft Corporation

Jaspersoft’s open source business intelligence is the world’s most widely used BI software, with more than 10 million product downloads worldwide and more than 12,000 commercial customers in 100 countries. Jaspersoft provides a web-based, open and modular approach to the evolving business intelligence needs of the enterprise and is the only BI vendor enabling true multi-tenancy while providing a common platform for on-premise, virtualized, SaaS and cloud deployments. Jaspersoft’s products span the continuum of core BI requirements, including production reporting, operational & embedded reporting and analysis, interactive end-user query & reporting, dashboards and mash-ups, data analysis, and data integration. Its BI software is updated constantly by a development community of nearly 120,000 registered members working on more than 350 projects, which represents the world’s largest business intelligence community. More information is available at www.jaspersoft.com and www.jasperforge.org.