Jaspersoft Big Data Survey Shows Rise in Commitment to Projects and Decline in Confusion

Nearly 1,600 Jaspersoft Community Members Participate in Second Jaspersoft Big Data Survey

San Francisco, February 4, 2014 - Jaspersoft, the Intelligence Inside applications and business processes, today shared results from its Big Data Survey. Nearly 1,600 Jaspersoft community members responded to the survey on enterprise use of Big Data in corporate decision-making -- 60 percent of respondents were application developers.

The follow-up to Jaspersoft’s August 2012 survey, revealed a greater commitment to Big Data projects. While 42 percent reported still being in the process of experimenting or performing general research, 36 percent have a funded Big Data initiative compared to only 15 percent 14 months ago.

“What we’re seeing from our community is a better understanding of Big Data and more willingness to commit to projects,” said Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft. “The survey suggests that experimental Big Data projects are on the rise while funded initiatives continue to increase as the tools and understanding of Big Data mature.”

Of the 56 percent of respondents with Big Data projects, 32 percent are in production or in development while 23 percent are in the planning stage. Of deployments, 66 percent are on-premises with 34 percent in the cloud.

The survey reveals that confusion and lack of business justification have decreased as reasons for not pursuing Big Data projects.

Top reasons for "No plans" with Big Data

  1. Don't understand Big Data: 27% -- an 89% decrease from August 2012
  2. No business justification: 20% -- a 56% decrease since August 2012
  3. Most data is structured and relational: 33% -- a 19% decrease from August 2012
  4. Doesn't apply to my applications: 23% -- remained the same as August 2012

Most Popular Data Sources

  1. CRM: 40%
  2. Financials: 38%
  3. e-Commerce: 27%
  4. Retail POS: 15%
  5. Supply Chain Management: 14%
  6. Human Capital Management: 12%
  7. Product Lifecycle Management: 11%
  8. Support Case Logic: 10%
  9. Bug Tracking: 9%
  10. Other: 7%

Most Popular Data Stores

  1. Relational databases: 56%
  2. MongoDB: 23%
  3. Analytic databases: 14%
  4. Hadoop HDFS: 12%
  5. Hive: 4%

Top Big Data Use Cases

  1. Customer Analytics (churn, segmentation, etc.): 48%
  2. Customer Experience Analytics: 45%
  3. Risk Analysis: 37%
  4. Threat Analysis: 30%
  5. Regulatory Compliance Analysis: 28%
  6. Campaign Optimization: 26%
  7. Location-based Targeting: 23%
  8. Fraud Analysis: 22%
  9. Brand Sentiment Analysis: 16%
  10. Product Placement Optimization: 16%
  11. Other: 9%
  12. Drug Discovery: 1%

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About the Respondents
The respondents were primarily application developers – 60 percent with 40 percent of the developers working in software, Internet and computer, or the electronics space, followed by financial services (9 percent), and government (8 percent).

About Jaspersoft
Jaspersoft empowers millions of people every day to make better decisions faster by bringing them timely, actionable data inside their apps and business processes. Its embeddable, cost-effective reporting and analytics platform allows anyone to quickly self serve to get the answers they need, while scaling architecturally and economically to reach everyone. Thanks to a community that is hundreds-of-thousands strong, Jaspersoft's commercial open source software has been downloaded millions of times and is used to create the Intelligence Inside hundreds of thousands of apps and business processes. Jaspersoft is a privately held company with offices around the world. For more information visit http://www.jaspersoft.com and http://community.jaspersoft.com.

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