Product Patch Policies

Community Projects

Jaspersoft does not provide hot-fix or customer specific patch releases on community projects.

If a defect is identified in a community project, Jaspersoft Customer Support will log the defect and work with our engineering team to get it addressed in an upcoming release. Scheduling of the defect resolution will be based on the severity and priority of the defect. Defects identified by Jaspersoft customers and logged through Jaspersoft Customer Support will receive priority treatment.

All resolutions for community projects defects are made available to Jaspersoft customers and community members at the same time through the community project release process.

Commercial Products

Jaspersoft delivers defect resolutions through a variety of mechanisms.

If a defect is identified in a commercial product, Jaspersoft Technical Support will log the defect and work with the engineering team to address it in an upcoming release. Scheduling of the defect’s resolution will be based on severity and priority.

Jaspersoft may, at their discretion, provide a hot fix or patch outside of the scheduled release cycle if all of the following are true:

  • The requesting customer has a Professional Premium subscription
  • The requesting customer has an Enterprise edition license
  • The reported defect is a high severity issue and/or impacts a significant number of customers
  • A viable workaround is not available
  • The issue is reported on the latest versions of the currently supported product releases:
    • Versions covered: Hot fixes/patches are exclusively provided for the latest (current) release of a Jaspersoft product, or the most recent previous sequential release (this refers to the second number in our release numbering convention, where, for example, 6.4.x is the current release, and 6.3.x is the previous sequential release)
    • Security updates: Note that published security updates will lead to new versions of product releases  (see In the event of a security update, Jaspersoft will only fulfill hot fix requests on the latest SECURE version of a code line, as identified by the third number in our release numbering convention (example: Jaspersoft will provide a patch on version 7.1.1, which is secure, but cannot provide a patch on version 7.1.0, which is dated). Hotfixes on product versions pre-dating security updates cannot be granted – customers will need to upgrade in order to receive hot fixes.