The New Generation Of Embedded BI Will Close The Insights-To-Action Gap

Complimentary Analyst Report from Forrester Research for AD&D (Application Development & Delivery) Professionals

Practical Steps for Evaluating Embedded Business Intelligence Tools


A new generation of embedded BI technologies gives unprecedented power to weave not just interactive but also actionable reporting and analytics into the fabric of apps and business processes. This report provides practical advice on embedded BI approaches, best practices, and technologies with a focus on how to choose your Embedded BI vendor from the 70+ platforms on the market.

Key Takeaways

The report is a comprehensive asset for anyone evaluating an embedded BI platform, including functionality required, user experience desired and implications for choosing a vendor.

Embedded BI goes miles beyond embedded operational reporting, explore several characteristics that distinguish this new wave of capabilities
  • Embeddedable user-authored BI content (vs IT-authored)
  • Seamless (UX) user experience (vs disjointed experiences)
  • Scalability to the masses (vs few data analyst users)
How to map your business requirements to Forrester's "Seven Embedded BI Patterns"
  • Static Embed, Dynamic Embed (simple exports to native platform functionality)
  • Navigation, Filters
  • Customize look and feel
  • Pass results to/from calling application
Evaluate Embedded BI Platforms Based on Key Characteristics
  • Web-app back-end (API focus)
  • Client-side JavaScript frameworks (like visualize.js)
  • Single Sign On
  • Performance and Scaling
  • Footprint, Multitenancy, APIs

Forrester predicts that in the next three to five years, embedded BI that is contextual, actionable, and prescriptive will become the new norm for operational and tactical insights. Don't miss out, download the report now.

Forrester Title: The New Generation Of Embedded BI Will Close The Insights-To-Action Gap
Forrester Subtitle: Practical Steps To Embed Business Intelligence In Enterprise Applications
Forrester Authors: Boris Evelson, John R. Rymer
Publish Date: April, 2017
Vendors interviewed for report: TIBCO Jaspersoft, Exago BI, GoodData, IBM, Izenda, Logi Analytics, Microsoft, OpenText

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