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Data as a Feature Tutorial #2: Getting Started

This workshop series features a brand-new demo application—created by the TIBCO Jaspersoft team and projekt202—that illustrates and teaches you how to create answer-generating applications of your own. Over the course of 5 webinars, we will introduce you to the what and the why of data as a feature applications and how you can build your own.

Lesson 2: Agenda

  • Overview of the project 
    • What were project goals?
    • Project lifecycle (based on our sprint)
    • Final demo app (what did we build)
    • Final reference architecture (how did we build it)
  • Define UX 
    • Persona-based UX
    • Choose style guide
  • Set up app environment 
    • Configuring app foundation with React.js
      • Helper
    • Setting up mock authentication (token-based)
    • UI Foundation (building UI with React.js)
  • Prepare data to support UX 
    • Introduce dataset(s)
    • Data dictionary
    • Data architecture
    • Data integration / prep

Data-as-a-Feature Tutorial Lessons:

  1. Build answer-generating apps that users love: Learn best practices for making data valuable to your application users
  2. Getting started: How to set up your data-as-a-feature project
    • Project Overview
    • Defining the user experience
    • Setting up the application environment
    • Preparing data
  3. Visualizing data: How to design reports and data visualizations your users love
  4. Your data in your app: Best practices for embedding interactive reports and visualizations in your app
  5. Managing the experience + ad hoc reporting: Handling security, multi-tenancy, and self-service reporting for your data-as-a-feature app