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Easy Data Integration Tips for Building High-value Reporting Systems


Setting up a reporting system is a process: Connect to data. Integrate data. Develop reports. Distribute reports. It sounds so simple, yet those who have done it, know it is far from easy.

Too often the process involves writing painful integration code, multi-page queries, custom report logic, and applying a lot of technical “glue” to get things up and running. In this webinar, you’ll learn a highly simplified process for integrating data and distributing reports—and how it can be used to support many powerful reporting use cases.

Topics covered:

  • Two popular data integration + reporting use cases
  • Step-by-step tutorials on how to set up solutions for burst and event-based reporting
  • How to use the Connect capability within TIBCO Cloud Integration and TIBCO Jaspersoft® to handle all data integration and reporting needs
  • Live product demos and Q & A