Five Levels of Embedded BI

From Static Reports to Analytic Applications

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This eBook explains the five most common levels of engagement you can achieve by embedding BI. By following this progression of increasing complexity and value, you can recast a static operational application into an engaging interactive analytic application. The discussion is presented along with a fictitious business application and its users to explain the functionality offered to end users at each level.

Embedded BI can deliver these five levels of engagement:

  • Level 1: Static reporting using an embedded reporting library.
  • Level 2: Managed reporting with simple interactivity, scheduling, security, and distribution using a reporting server.
  • Level 3: Highly interactive reports and dashboards using a reporting server.
  • Level 4: Self-service ad hoc reports using a BI server.
  • Level 5: Self-service data exploration against a data mart using a BI server.

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