Back to Basics: Dashboards 101

Everyone loves a great dashboard. Effective dashboards provide key metrics to users at-a-glance and allow the business, or its customers, to discover details in data that are relevant to their specific needs. Unfortunately, assembling a great dashboard is not a simple task. There are endless options including what data to include, how to format it, and how to strike the right balance between a personalised and flexible dashboard experience. So what should you consider when creating your own dashboards? 

Join Raphael Peguet, TIBCO JaspersoftⓇ senior solutions consultant, as he breaks down the various styles of dashboards and shares tips and tricks for creating great dashboards that you can incorporate immediately into your own projects.

In this webinar you will learn

  • The concepts and components of effective dashboards
  • How to assemble a dashboard
  • How to design data so it’s personal, visually appealing, and helps bring insight


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