Data as a Feature Tutorial #5: Managing the Experience + Ad Hoc Reporting

Handling security, multi-tenancy, and self-service reporting for your data as a feature app

This workshop series features a brand-new demo application—created by the Jaspersoftteam and projekt202—that illustrates and teaches you how to create answer-generating applications of your own. Over the course of five webinars, we will introduce you to the what and the why of data as a feature applications and how you can build your own.  


Topics covered in this session:

  • Visualizing data with Jaspersoft software

  • Developing a visualization template

  • Customizing charts using styles & chart properties

  • Creating expressions and data functions

  • Using data for non-Jaspersoft visualizations


Data-as-a-Feature Tutorial Lessons:

  1. Building answer-generating apps that users love: Learn best practices for making data valuable to your application users
  2. Getting started: How to set up your data-as-a-feature project
  3. Visualizing data: How to design reports and data visualizations your users love
  4. Embedding data in your app: Implementing interactive reports & data visualizations in a React app
  5. Managing the experience + ad hoc reporting: Handling security, multi-tenancy, and self-service reporting for your data-as-a-feature app
Data as a Feature Tutorial 5.mp4

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