Embedded Analytics for SaaS: “Analytics as a service”

How to securely deliver embedded analytics in the era of SaaS

Software applications that help users realize the value of their data are powerful.

With everything moving to the cloud, how do we share data and analytics resources between customers without compromising security and experience? Key requirements for SaaS analytics are security, multi-tenancy, and scalability.

SaaS organizations have successfully used TIBCO Jaspersoft® embedded analytics in their services for years—providing reports, dashboards, and interactive visualizations to their customers.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the key requirements for delivering analytics as part of SaaS applications. Register to:
  • Understand what’s involved in delivering analytics in multi-tenant SaaS applications
  • Learn how to provide secure access to data and resources across all your customers and users
  • See how to architect BI & analytics to automatically scale with changes in demand
  • Get questions answered in live Q & A with a technical expert