O'Reilly Media Podcast: Building data-informed products

Stewart Rogers on building and managing products with embedded analytics.medium_oreilly_podcast_120x120.png

Managers have embraced the idea that data can drive value in any industry, but that assumes the right people within their organizations have access to data. Dashboards, report builders, and embedded visualization interfaces have become standard tools for bringing data and analytics to a wide range of data users.

My guest in this podcast episode is Stewart Rogers, director of product management at Lambda Solutions, which offers an open source e-learning management system; its customers are organizations that deliver online learning and need to understand how their students are progressing. Rogers is thus doubly dependent on embedded analytics in his products: he uses analytics to manage his products, measuring customer response to new features, but he also needs to pass meaningful analytics through to his customers in order to let them assess their learners and their content.

This post and podcast is a collaboration between O’Reilly and TIBCO Jaspersoft

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