Build versus Buy: An In-depth Guide

Whether you're a CTO, product manager, IT project leader, developer, or business user, deciding to build an embedded BI and reporting tool is a complex undertaking. It requires extensive collaboration among team members with diverse expertise. Additionally, the process can be time-intensive and costly due to the resources needed to design, implement, and maintain the tool.

This whitepaper provides a framework for the decision-making process and critical trade-offs between building or buying an embedded BI and reporting tool. In this whitepaper, we will explore:

  • Learn the “value equation” framework to understand which variables are critical to consider to decide which option best fits your organization’s needs
  • Analyze the potential business outcomes of an embedded BI and reporting tool
  • Compare the time to value and trade-offs between building and buying a solution
  • Make the case for purchasing a solution over building in-house
  • Weigh the potential benefits and risks of building in-house

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