Upgrade Assistance

Ensure that your Jaspersoft product upgrade is snappy and stress-free. Rather than spending time reading the manual, hire us. We do this stuff all the time!

We’ll Review

  • Your reporting requirements for new and existing reports

You’ll Learn

  • All the cool features we’ve added to the new version
  • Best practices for the upgrade and migration process

Get Your Hands Dirty

  • Identifying custom code/product extensions
  • Installing and configuring the Jaspersoft update
  • Assisting with the export of the JasperReports Server repository and input into the new server
  • Assisting with the packaging, migration and deployment of custom code/product extensions


  • Newly upgraded version of Jaspersoft BI
  • A project wrap-up document

When and Where?

  • Duration is four days scheduled at your convenience
  • Your choice! Your place or online.

To enroll or learn more, contact sales. You must have a valid support contract.