Multi-tenant BI for SaaS Apps

Manage BI resources and data across all your customers from a single environment

When deploying to multiple groups of users or customers, you need a BI architecture that puts you in the driver's seat to define who has access to what reports, dashboards, and data. This is particularly the case for SaaS vendors who deliver BI functionality as part of their cloud-based applications. The TIBCO Jaspersoft® multi-tenant BI architecture delivers this control for the thousands of developers who embed Jaspersoft® software in their apps.

Centrally manage your BI deployment

Centrally Manage your BI Deployment

When you have multiple groups of users or customers, it's often not practical or recommended that you maintain a separate environment for each of them. The Jaspersoft® multi-tenant BI platform is designed to serve all your users and customers from a single instance, making it much easier for administrators to manage distribution and access to BI content and data.

Scale easily and with control

Scale Easily and with Control

When your business is growing, you want a business intelligence solution that's designed to seamlessly grow with you. The Jaspersoft organization-based folder structure offers a fast, flexible way to manage users and customers — and, as your business or application scales, service them based on their individual requirements.

Scheduling reports with multi-tenant BI

Better Administrative Control

Your tenants are likely to vary in size, consumption requirements, and more. Jaspersoft software provides administrators with unique views to oversee these metrics in aggregate across tenants. And admins have the ability to fine-tune configuration points such as caching, query limits, and more — all through the TIBCO JasperReports® Server UI.

Better administrative control with multi-tenant BI

Less Money

Multi-tenancy is designed to provide functionality to many tenants or customers from a single instance. In addition to the benefits of a centralized management platform, multi-tenant BI can deliver this functionality at a fraction of the price of using single instances for each one of your many customers.