Jaspersoft® solutions

Our reporting and embedded analytics solutions enable flexibility, increase productivity, and give your business the power to seamlessly integrate data into your applications exactly how you want.

Immersive embedded analytics

Your users want answers and fast—not another interface to login to. You want a sticky application, increased usage, and happy users. With Jaspersoft, you can bring the power of embedded business intelligence directly into your application and give your customers richer context and real-time information within the user experience they’re familiar with.

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Pixel-perfect reporting

Easily create and deliver pixel-perfect reports at scale.

Jaspersoft pixel-perfect reporting software gives you the ability to generate large volumes of reports in any format with precision.

Design the simplest to the most complex pixel-perfect reports, static or interactive, and export or distribute via scheduler in any format, including PDFs, Excel, PPT, and more. Share with as many people as you want—inside or outside your organization, while controlling who gets to see what.

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Ad hoc reporting for business users

Every user has different needs and demands when it comes to accessing data. With Jaspersoft’s ad hoc reporting, you can give your users the power and control to build and analyze their own customized reports and dashboards.

It will not only increase their productivity and satisfaction, but also relieve your developers and IT teams from fulfilling one-off requests. Now, they can focus on creating valuable enhancements to your core application.

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Flexible deployment options

Whatever the mix of platforms, applications, or infrastructure across your enterprise, our modular, scalable architecture provides the flexibility to easily deploy Jaspersoft business intelligence solutions in any environment.

Jaspersoft can be integrated into any application. It is architecture agnostic, making any deployment scenario possible—cloud or on-premises, the choice is yours.

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Big data business intelligence in an instant

With Jaspersoft you can natively connect to and visualize data from a number of data stores like Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra and others.

Embed big data BI inside your app.

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