Control, precision—and flexibility for all your reporting needs

Jaspersoft makes it easy to put important information at people’s fingertips, in a way that they can understand and use in a variety of formats. It also gives you the confidence your reports render exactly the way you designed it, down to the pixel.

The more informed people are, the better decisions they can make. And better decisions will help drive productivity and success.

Create and distribute pixel-perfect reports

Design any report you need

Our pixel-perfect designer makes it easy to design any report, document or form your business might require, in any format you need—from printed PDFs to fully interactive reports on the web. Simple reports. Complicated reports. With whatever calculations, interactions or security you need, it’s all possible with Jaspersoft.

Pixel perfect reporting example

Deliver pixel-perfect reports to 1,000s or millions of users

Our powerful and scalable scheduler allows you to distribute your reports to as many people as you want to, inside or outside your organization, easily and affordably. Who sees what is up to you.

Pixel perfect reporting sample with bar codes

Pull information from any source

Your organization has data in multiple places. Different reports will need information from different sources. Because Jaspersoft is data source agnostic, it allows you to build reports from any kind of database including databases, XML, JSON, RestAPI, Apps and more.

Benefits of pixel perfect reporting

Re-use, not recreate

You can save loads of development time and ensure consistency in report designs by using our externalized style sheets. They let you do one design. And then re-use it across all reports to maintain the look and feel you want. Plus, you can update all your assets at once by making any changes to the external style sheet.

External style sheets create consistency across reports, and save development time

Collect and organize financial data in real time. Distribute reports with ease.

Deliver rich insights, monitor performance, and meet financial regulatory reporting requirements with Jaspersoft’s embedded BI and pixel perfect reporting.

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