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Deploy reporting into any environment

When integrating any piece of software into another, flexibility and configurability is paramount. As an open-source solution, Jaspersoft® gives developers the power, control and flexible endpoints needed for seamless integration into any environment.


Deploy to any cloud, on-premise or hybrid environment

No two organizations are exactly alike, but most use a variety of cloud and on-premise operating systems, application servers, cloud topologies and virtualization technologies. Unlike other reporting solutions, Jaspersoft® software is architecture agnostic, making any deployment scenario possible—Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, any private cloud or on-premise environment, or a hybrid approach.

Deploy to the environment that suits your organization - in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid environment

Customizable to your exact, evolving needs

While Jaspersoft is commercial software, it is also open-source. This allows you to customize the software on your own as needed, and make it possible to adapt Jaspersoft over time due to the inevitable changes in your architecture.

Open source cloud reporting solution

Ready-to-go-deployment using AWS

Jaspersoft flexible reporting software has dedicated deployment offerings for AWS, giving software builders a straightforward path to launch it in their AWS environment, connect to AWS data, and build a visualization in minutes. Jaspersoft embedded reporting for AWS is used by hundreds of customers, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

AWS reporting solution

Operational excellence and unparalleled flexibility in Docker

Unlike large servers, containers allow services to run and scale independently of each other. Jaspersoft software for Docker is an open source solution that facilitates deploying and running it in a Docker container, allowing it to fit natively into container-based architectures. The result is superior performance coupled with incredible flexibility.

Reporting software for Docker


Open-source, API-first approach

Unlike other reporting software, Jaspersoft is built on a lightweight, standards-based architecture, and offers greater vendor independence thanks to its open-source codebase. Plus, our API-first approach lets developers use analytics and reporting services in different areas of their applications with programmatic control.

Identity management integration

Connecting to apps means Jaspersoft needs to be aware of security contexts for the app user. Because it’s built on the Spring Security framework, any type of authentication is possible, whereas other competitors have more rigid authentication methods.

Advanced multi-tenant support

Create organizations that serve as private repositories for reports, dashboards and other analytical content. Assign users and groups to organizations so that you can fine-tune access for your whole deployment from a single console.

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