Bringing pixel-perfect reporting to the cloud

Whether it’s AWS or Azure, Jaspersoft® provides you options for your cloud deployment 

Jaspersoft for AWS

Jaspersoft software for the cloud is a commercial open source AWS reporting server available on the AWS Marketplace.

Jaspersoft for Azure

Our BYOL VM offering on Azure Marketplace brings our customers even closer to building their applications on Microsoft Azure Cloud.


Build reports in minutes

Easily create interactive reports, dashboards, and data visualizations with Jaspersoft software for cloud reporting in under 10 minutes. You’ll spend less time prepping data and more time analyzing and acting on it.

Create interactive reports in minutes with Jaspersoft software for the cloud

Address multiple needs with a single BI platform

With Jaspersoft, you get a market-leading cloud BI server that covers both traditional reporting and embedded reporting needs. Access a rich set of BI management capabilities that allow admins and developers to deploy BI to their business and customers with control.

Improve the value of your cloud

Jaspersoft offers many options to integrate reports and visualizations into your cloud applications. Our award-winning JavaScript API, Visualize.js, gives developers a powerful way to embed analytic content natively into the user interface of any application.


Build greater value in your cloud apps with Jaspersoft’s award-winning API, Visualize.js


Pixel-perfect reports

Create sophisticated reports with custom layouts, and maintain control of the design down to the pixel with the Jaspersoft designer for cloud reporting.

100% modern web standards

The Jaspersoft cloud BI and analytics platform uses 100% modern web standards, JavaScript/HTML5 user interface, and REST-based web service APIs. Use it to analyze your business and deliver stunning interactive reports and dashboards inside your applications.

In-memory analysis

Analyze relational and non-relational data, including big data sources, using interactive pivot, filter, drill down, charting, and custom calculations. Leverage the Jaspersoft in-memory engine for rapid response.

Ad hoc reporting

Empower non-technical users to answer their own questions. Put the analytical power in their hands with an intuitive drag and drop report designer.

Mobile BI

Access reports and dashboards on your phone with native apps for iPhone and Android. Embed BI in your mobile apps with iOS and Android SDKs.