Embed analytics seamlessly into your apps

Tired of writing custom code for every data visualization or report?  Jaspersoft® Visualize.js makes it easy to embed interactive data visualizations into your apps that are easy to control, scale, and a joy to use. Create immersive data experiences in your apps without compromising any of your existing user experience.


Delight end users

Build the best reports and dashboards in your apps to delight users. Incorporate analytics to provide them with a valuable competitive advantage, faster time to market, and new revenue streams.

Programmatic control

Develop the look, feel, and behavior of your reports and dashboards with absolute control. Turn them into integrated components of your app that can communicate bi-directionally with components of your core application via input controls and more.

Connect to all your data

Integrate multiple data sources into a single metadata view to enable analysis and reporting across disparate sources, including big data & NoSQL. Bring it all together with data virtualization, direct connections, or data integration.

Stop writing custom code

Writing custom code for visualizations in your app can be incredibly time consuming and is not scalable. Design your data visualizations and reports using Jaspersoft’s visual designer and use Visualize.js to invoke them into your app. When you want to make a change to a visualization, do it in the visual designer, not in the application code.

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Interactive visualizations

HTML5 charts support full interactivity with data visualizations, including on-the-fly sorting, filtering, and formatting of column values and headers.

Handle any event

Register handlers and listeners to capture any event coming in and out of your application and set how dashboards and reports automatically react. All using native JavaScript.

Multi-tenant BI

Using a single Jaspersoft environment, quickly isolate users, roles, reports, and related permissions to securely separate one tenant from another for SaaS-based applications.

Robust authentication

Easily authenticate from any application with single sign on. With Jaspersoft Visualize.js software, you can authenticate from your applications using tokens, plain text, and a variety of standard single sign-on (SSO) methods.

Input controls

Provide users with an easy, intuitive way to interact with data in your app. Input controls—often represented as buttons or drop downs—allow users to filter data which can update data visualizations and other parts of your application.

Compatible and mobile ready

Work easily with all JavaScript frameworks and technologies by simply including the library. Just watch as your Jaspersoft reports and dashboards come to life in your apps. Create and view reports and dashboards on iPhone and Android devices.

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