Self-service reporting for everyone

Put your users in the driver’s seat by giving them the control to create their own custom dashboards, analytics and reports. With Jaspersoft’s intuitive, web-based, drag-and-drop report designer, you can place the power in their hands.

Users can slice, dice, and create compelling data visualizations and reporting whenever they need it. No application download required.

Enable your users to create stunning data visualizations and insightful reports, all on their own

Powerful reporting interface

Jaspersoft’s Ad Hoc Designer has an interactive user interface that supports drilling, pivoting, filtering and interactive charting. Use dozens of powerful built-in calculations to quickly perform advanced reporting on your data.

Ad Hoc reporting solution

Fully interactive charts

Using Highcharts, Jaspersoft offers more than 35 HTML5 visualizations for users to select from. View in a tabular view with tables and crosstabs, or use charts and graphs for a more visual experience.

Ad Hoc reporting example

Simple save and export functionality

Easily save a custom report or visualization to the Jaspersoft repository for later use. Export to more than 10 file formats including PDF, Excel, PPT, Word and more.

Custom Ad Hoc reporting sample

Configurable in-memory engine

Maximize response times for data aggregations and calculations using configurable in-memory or push-down query processing to the underlying analytic database.

Maximize data aggregation of underlying analytic database

Open architecture

Easily integrate your reports into existing infrastructure with Jaspersoft's open standards-based reporting platform. Merge data from multiple sources flexibly from traditional to big data.

Integrate data from multiple sources with Jaspersoft’s open architecture


Re-name data descriptors in easily understandable terms for business users using a metalayer. Simplify the data with a virtual view in business terms while maintaining data security. Include labels in multiple languages to support a broader user community.

Meta layers in Jaspersoft provide a virtual layer to simplify data descriptors for your users

Enhance quicker decision-making for government workers

With embedded analytics and ad hoc reporting, governmental organizations can be on top of critical issues easier, manage operations more effectively, and stay compliant with rules and regulations.

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