Why Jaspersoft

Create, distribute and manage any report or dashboard with ease and confidence

Success is based on decisions made and actions taken. That’s why it’s so important information is presented clearly, quickly and cohesively, whenever it’s needed. This is the premise we’ve built our business on.

Jaspersoft® is 100% focused on helping you design, embed, manage and deploy high volume pixel-perfect reports, self-service ad hoc reports and dashboards with developer-level control on the most flexible and customizable BI platform available.

Jaspersoft software allowed us to present information in a really modular, scalable fashion. No matter what question was being asked, we wanted to have the application answer that question the way the customer wants, not the way the technology defines it.

CTO, Global Employee Risk Manangement Company

Built for everyone. Inspired by developers.

Experience has taught us what works and what doesn’t in building and embedding operational reporting. We know what you want and what you don’t. That’s why we provide the tools you need like pre-configured multi-tenant support and flexible APIs. And if you need help, contact us. Or just reach out to our massive group of diverse, experienced users in our community who’ve been there and done that.

Make it yours—pixel-perfectly

Your reports should look like—your reports. That’s why we provide a pixel-perfect design environment for developing reports and visualizations to exact specifications, regardless of format. Our platform also supports an extensive supply of out-of-the-box and custom expressions.

Jaspersoft provides a pixel-perfect design environment for developing reports and visualizations to exact specifications

Ad hoc reporting made easy

Why be responsible for creating every report and dashboard for customers and co-workers when you can easily create a self-service reporting environment with Jaspersoft? Our intuitive, easy-to-use interface makes it simple to create custom reports.

An easy-to-use interface empowers customers and co-workers to create custom Ad Hoc reports

Embed analytics for a seamless user experience

Embed reports, dashboards, and other data visualizations into your applications, for an  immersive user experience. Empower your users to create interactive reports and gain deeper insights into their data, all within your application.

Embed reports, dashboards, and data visualizations for an immersive user experience

Open-source from the start

We were built on an open-source foundation and our JasperReports Library lives there to this day. We’re truly architecture and platform agnostic, which makes it easy to connect and deploy in any on-premise, cloud, hybrid, containerized or microservices-based architecture. We just think it’s better that way.

Open source reporting software

API-first approach

Embed reports and dashboards into user interfaces leveraging an award-winning Javascript framework and powerful back-end services via REST web services to handle single sign-on, data access, multi-tenancy, easy re-branding and more.

Leverage Jaspersoft’s powerful API framework to embed reports, dashboards and more

Vibrant, active user community

Created for and contributed by Jaspersoft users, the Jaspersoft Community is the ultimate resource to access user guides, read documentation, discover best practices, ask questions, request a feature, and report bugs.

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