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Platform installers

For proof of concept, evaluation

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WAR File

For production on own application server


For production for SaaS and cloud apps

Amazon Web Services

For AWS environment

Jaspersoft Studio

For designing pixel-perfect reports and data visualizations

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Jaspersoft ETL

For Data Integration Studio

Supported platforms

Jaspersoft supports a robust platform stack to meet the needs of almost every organization. See below for a summary of supported platforms.

For details on specific version numbers and timeframes to support different platforms, please consult the Platform Support Data sheet.

Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer & Edge, Apple Safari, Google Chrome

  • Relational: Most JDBC compatible relational databases like MySQL, Oracle
  • MPP: Many massively parallel databases like Teradata, Pivotal Greenplum
  • Hosted: Many hosted database like Amazon Redshift, Microsoft SQL Azure
  • NoSQL: NoSQL Data sources like MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Big Data: Big Data support for Hadoop Hive, Impala, Spark
  • All Jaspersoft Editions: PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Commercial Editions Only: Oracle RDBMS, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server
  • All Jaspersoft Editions: Oracle HotSpot JDK
  • Commercial Editions Only: IBM JDK, OpenJDK
  • All Jaspersoft Editions: Apache Tomcat
  • Commercial Editions Only: JBOSS Wildify, Glassfish, Web Logic, WebSphere

Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, Apple macOS

Hardware requirements

The following are minimum hardware requirements for running JasperReports® Server. Production implementations with higher loads can be balanced. The repository database is suggested to be run separately from the Jaspersoft application. Refer to the Installation Guide for more details.

  Minimum Recommended
Disk 10GB (footprint is 1.3GB) 40GB+
Memory 4GB 8GB+
Processor 2 cores 4+ cores

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