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Getting Started with Jaspersoft

Before you dive in, watch a short video for an overview of Jaspersoft use cases and capabilities.

Welcome to the Jaspersoft® Quick Start

Resources, tutorials, and more to help you get started and be successful with Jaspersoft® software

Using JasperReports® IO software? Check out our dedicated JasperReports® IO Quick Start.

Working with Data

Working with data is a broad category. It includes everything from connecting to data sources, integrating and preparing data, visualizing data in the form of reports and dashboards, and finally securing data for users and customers.

Connecting to and Describing Your Data

Establishing Your Data Source Connection

In order to connect to your data you will need to create a connection to your data source, typically through a JDBC driver.

Creating Domains that Represent Your Data

In order to connect to your data you will need to create a connection to your data source, typically through a JDBC driver. Create a Domain with the Domain Designer, an easy-to-use wizard within JasperReports Server

Visualizing and Interacting with Your Data

Creating Ad Hoc Views

JasperReports Server lets you analyze data using chart visualizations or tabular views against predefined Topics, Domains, or OLAP connections. The Ad Hoc report designer is the primary tool in JasperReports Server for analyzing data. To get started, select the Create>Ad Hoc View menu item and follow the workflow. The following tutorial shows an example of creating ad hoc views.


JasperReports Server allows users to quickly create dashboards containing multiple reports from the repository along with external content. With dashboards you create a single comprehensive view of key business metrics for managers and executives. This video shows how to build and interact with a dashboard

Interactive Reporting for Non-Technical Users

This tutorial shows how to view and interact with reports in the server. These reports can be made in the Ad Hoc Editor, more complex designs can be made in Jaspersoft Studio.

Creating Your First Report with Jaspersoft Studio

Jaspersoft Studio is a flexible and robust development environment for creating custom reports leveraging the full power of the JasperReports reporting engine.

Using Jaspersoft on Mobile Devices

Using Jaspersoft on Mobile Devices

JasperMobile are native applications for your iOS or Android devices that let you browse, view, and interact with reports and dashboards from JasperReports Server. Additionally, JasperMobile comes with an SDK that allows you to build your own mobile apps and leverage mobile analytics.

Jaspersoft Mobile Read More About Jaspersoft Mobile

Report Distribution

Scheduling your Report Execution and Delivery

JasperReports Server provides report scheduling and distribution. Based on a one-off or recurring schedule you configure via UI or GUI, reports are automatically executed and saved to the repository in up to eleven formats. They can be emailed, sent to FTP or file system via API You can also include links to the reports, include the reports as HTML in the body of the email message, or attach the reports.

Securing Your Data

Secure Your Data

Data-level security is a common requirement and restricts content displayed in an Ad Hoc report based on the user’s profile. Data-level security in JasperReports Server is enforced through an XML security file attached to a Domain.



In this part of the BikeRepublic technical workshop series, learn step-by-step how reports and visualizations were developed for the Jaspersoft embedded BI demo app.